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Why say that her mother is not as good as their mother, this is the answer! Two – Sohu maternal mother-in-law dialogue ~ a mother-in-law to the neighbor said: my wife, lazy, sleep until noon, the family did not do things, also let my son got room for her to eat, it is too far. Later neighbors asked her: your daughter married is not bad, right? The woman said: Yes, have been very happy, everyone is very good to her, do not do housework, holiday everywhere to play, also can sleep till noon, will cook room son-in-law for my daughter to eat at a top, mother’s mouth, her mother suddenly forgot her top; the mouth of a lifetime in mind two, mom cut fruit for you to eat, let you cut the fruit to eat; mother-in-law, behoove three, hungry, my mother cooks meals for you to eat, very natural; mother cooks meals for you to eat, very filial, four dinner time, forgot to call my mother to eat. Forget to call her mother-in-law; dinner, rude five, mother was busy, you didn’t help, not how; the mother in busy, you can’t help, in six, in the skin itch mom home, go out to work, do not have to rush home, just waiting for the meal; Work out in the husband’s family, home cooking, mother; Xunhua, left ear into the right ear out, her lecture, psychological not to regard it as right will answer… Is, is seven, travel with no mother, no one said you unfilial; but did not take a woman, can someone say you unfilial eight, can say you is not in front of her mother, but don’t you in front of her mother in nine, Mr. Right to complain about your mother feel lazy; in front of her mother-in-law. This "lazy", not ten words at home, a delicious good drink, my mother could not bear to eat, leave you; but in her you have to leave to others eleven, your sorrow, your joy, mother’s care; but her mother, this is difficult to assess, in front of twelve mother stamped, is spoiled; while in front of her mother, thirteen, mother to help her daughter is treason and heresy birthday; the daughter is to help her mother’s birthday, mother bear bitter hardships raise you fourteen, also pick up not a woman to tell you what to do; Husband, you have to raise her son instead to serve her, slightly not, you become a target for all. Fifteen, my mother never cared about her husband not to help her mother was cooking dishes, son daughter-in-law have to monitor cooking dishes. Sixteen, mothers only know that when they do their daughter-in-law is very difficult, in other people’s home to do the daughter of a daughter-in-law is more difficult; but became the mother’s mother had never thought, in their own home to do the same woman daughter-in-law. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: