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Will the stock market be good in the monkey year? Leon Feng Shui report said the stock market will stabilize bottomed in June sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are using the "year of the monkey is to rise a year, and the" wooden sheep ‘struggle for a year HSI, ushered in the great monkey." The day before the release of CITIC Lyon once a year "Leon Feng Shui index" report, the Hang Seng Index to forecast the year of the monkey with Feng shui. The Hang Seng Index "character" as the "chicken", the report predicts that "monkey" will be "chicken" escort, the Hang Seng Index has a good start to the year and 6 months, there will be a big setback, until the end of the year rose gradually. Since 2016 is the year of the monkey, "Ma" is May of the lunar calendar (Gregorian calendar June), that is to say, "God knows how long will be stabilized in the Hang Seng index. To carry out "is like a raging fire The Belt and Road construction Chinese, is a good news. On the external strategy, China is interpreting a wonderful modern version of the journey to the west. In the second half, the situation seems to be lost at the beginning of impressive, on the high ropes momentum, but still remarkable, once full of chicken. According to the five Division, CITIC Lyon believes that next year, over the past few years is not how eye-catching gold and water related industries will force at the beginning of the two is completely in the world, and its potential is quite full, is expected to be a strong finish. The water sector, including shipping, banking, gaming and retailing, will make good progress, and the water sector is expected to perform well in April, May and December. In addition to gold and silver, gold industries also include automobiles, machinery and finance. And the industry is still fairly strong, and will have a strong performance at the end of the year. They include buildings, real estate, livestock farming, renewable energy, and investments in mainland china. CITIC Lyon predicts that the sector will peak in October, but should avoid March, September and December. The fire and wood industry is flat this year, even though there may be a glimpse of the rest of the time, but is still a lack of motivation. Including paper, wood, watches, hairdressing and medicine and so on, these plates are ordinary, oil and gas, public utilities, technology, telecommunications and other industries is quite satisfactory. CITIC analyst Qiu Wenfu Leon said that although Feng Shui index is mainly for the Hang Seng Index, however, according to Feng Shui, in the position this year, East West, north is also good, because the Shanghai and Shenzhen are located in the north, so the prediction of the trend of A shares is not too bad. This year, the northeast and the South should avoid. This once a year the HSI Feng Shui index has been 24 years, during a period of two years, this year is twenty-second. The first is the Spring Festival comes, in the greeting card sent to the customer in a brief summary of feng shui master plans. Later Leon also join a forecast on the HSI by metaphysics, which has attracted the attention of the outside world, and even some buyer who served as references for investment analysis. However, review the ups and downs of 2015, CITIC Lyon released report predicts not much difference between HSI in the beginning of last year’s trend and the actual final form, but the turning point in time on

猴年股市会好吗?里昂风水报告称股市将在6月止跌企稳 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   “猴年是伺机崛起的一年,与‘木羊’困斗了一年的恒指,迎来了这只神通广大的灵猴。”中信里昂日前发布一年一度的“里昂风水指数”报告,用风水预测恒生指数猴年的走向。   恒生指数的“八字”为“土鸡”,报告预测称,“灵猴”将为“土鸡”保驾护航,令恒生指数今年有一个不俗的开局,而6月中时将有一次大挫,至年末逐渐回升。由于2016年是猴年,农历五月是“马月”(公历6月份),也就是说,恒指在“猴年马月”将会止跌。   对正在如火如荼开展“一带一路”建设的中国而言,是个好消息。对外战略上,中国正在演绎一部精彩的现代版西游。展望下半年,情况似乎失去了年初令人眼前一亮、神气活现的气势,但仍可圈可点,一度鸡血满满。   按五行划分,中信里昂认为,未来一年内,过去几年不怎么抢眼的金和水相关的行业将发力,年初完全是这两者的天下,而其后劲也颇足,有望强势收官。属水的行业包括航运、银行、博彩和零售等,都会取得良好进展,属水行业有望将在4月、5月和12月表现优异。而属金的行业除了黄金和白银之外,还包括汽车、机械和金融。   而属土的行业能量依然相当雄厚,将在年末有一段强劲表现。包括建筑、房地产、禽畜饲养、可再生能源以及中国内地投资等板块都榜上有名。中信里昂预测,上述板块将在10月迎来高峰,但应避开3月、9月与12月。   火与木的行业今年却表现平平,虽可能有惊鸿一瞥,但其余时间仍缺乏动力。包括造纸、木材以及钟表、美发和药材等,这些板块表现平凡,油气、公共事业、科技、电信等行业则中规中矩。   中信里昂分析师丘文孚称,虽然风水指数主要是针对恒生指数,不过,按照风水命理,在位置方面,今年正东正西最佳,北方也不赖,因为上交所和深交所都位于北方,因此预估A股走势不会太差。而今年东北和正南方应避开。   这个一年一度的恒指风水指数至今已有24年,期间停顿过两年,今年已是第22期。最初只是新春佳节来临时,在寄给客户的贺卡中简要归纳多位风水大师的神机妙算。后来里昂又另外加入了利用玄学对恒指走势的预测,因而吸引了外界的关注,甚至被一些买方人士作为投资分析的辅助参考。   然而,回顾2015年的跌宕起伏,中信里昂在去年初发布的报告预测恒指的走势与最终实际的形态相差无几,但转折的时间点略有相差。其预测羊年7月冲至高位,10月再度回落。而事实是,恒指在4月末就开始一路下挫。   此外,羊年的风水指数虽然预测的“凶日”7月8日当天大跌近6%,但其余凶吉日的预测却大多背道而驰。不过有意思的是,如果将去年的凶吉日放在上证指数中,却有较高的准确率。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: