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Without exams, what can a poor family? (depth:) – Sohu, Deng Yanping Ping, author of maternal public language (ID:dypyuwen) readers have emailed me: Ping teacher, your writing is good and sharp, would you please talk about the quality education, in the end should not waste the exam? I am not Masaoki to the common people, the waste of its own, above the temple meeting vote. I just want to tell the world that parents and children, not obsessed with "all roads lead to Rome", if there is no ability to change, adapt to it! Because we are really like ants. The evil of the examination system but can finally let poor child the first competition of family background is the ancient "hereditary", special attention in technology, until the Sui Dynasty established the imperial examination system, only the rungra commoner Caomin body may. So, the poet Meng Jiao is forty-six years old and admitted, has written a poem: Horseshoe Chunfengdeyi disease, a day to see Changan flowers. Xi pole! And Meng Jiao is more stupid than Fan Jin, crazy! Do not laugh at the ancients, if there is another trail can settle down, who will be silly? I don’t want to sing the exam, I just see it from the point of view of a fair. You’re right! Examination is the last time not to look at the face of competition. Have you ever written down? There is also a phenomenon of hereditary succession system was abolished until the middle of 80s. What is the succession, is whether you are deaf and dementia, can justifiably replace their office end on a secure job. This is how many poor closed the boarding hall door, and set up the ladder for much of the two generation of Babel! In those years, if you obscurity the unmanned, do not admit that the resumption of college entrance examination get you only fair selection! Don’t crush what counter attack, said Wong Kwong Yu also boarded the rich list, said the two will be able to sing red Xiao Shenyang. Wong Kwong Yu Junior was educated with the elder brother for living, Xiao Shenyang grew out of school with her mother to help people understand the young who complained, suffering? Yes, poor child still can, but you can escape from your long journey, barren hills and turbulent rivers? You ten not mud you don’t know how important "jump jump nongmen" was the inspirational noun of several generations, if you ten refers to no mud you don’t know, why so many people want to escape from the local river carp, birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance. We always love to the feelings of the poet, the village into long pastoral chanting against. But there is not only "under the Hawthorn Tree" in the quiet and comfortable, and the pigs cattle threshing reaping day in and day out year after year…… A few days ago, I look at the "Thirteen invited" interview, Luo Zhenyu recalled his mother told me, let me surplus: "as long as you can go to college to go out, we can no longer meet life." At that time, a jump of the major, almost more than filial piety ethics! While poor take-off qualifications, in addition to the exam but also what? Face? Background? The exam is not the life will be over the bridge it saves you to wade across the bitter Xi Murong said: "life is a running river, we are the people across the river." Even touched Xianqi poet also admitted that we are not good相关的主题文章: