Women play mobile phone forgot to take the bag of cash to find the owner of the bus driver alarm mor-pr011.msi

Women play mobile phone forgot to take the bag of cash more than 20000 bus driver alarm to find the owner of the morning of November 17th, Zhenjiang 60 bus driver found a passenger forget to take his bag in the car, the driver put the car to the station when the end point, the package to the bus company. The staff found that there was a lot of cash in the package, so they immediately called the police. According to the display, the 17 day at 11:26 in the morning, a woman holding a umbrella, a hand bag is in the city of Zhenjiang Road Station on the 60 bus, the position of the first row to sit in the car ride, because at that time is relatively empty, the woman put the bag on the seat next to, then took out his mobile phone play up. Ten minutes later, the lady got off and left her bag in the car. Bus driver Pan Kaihui has brought the package to the terminal, the staff opened to see bags bulging, one can see that there are a lot of cash, so immediately alarm. The police arrived on the spot soon. Then the police will be the bag back to the Peace Road police station, found more than 20000 cash bag, passbook four, wallet, there are ID card, Medicare card and the account of this and other important documents, the police quickly through the account of the police in the platform to find the owner’s contact information, found the head of household is in off state subsequently, the police found a small book in the bag, which records the owner of her daughter’s phone, the police immediately dialed in the past, but her daughter also said he also found the mother relationship, temporarily unable to contact. Today (November 20th), the police continued to contact the other relatives of the owner, and finally found the owner, and sent cash and bags back to the owner.

女子玩手机忘拿包丢现金两万多 公交司机报警寻失主 11月17日上午,镇江市60路公交司机发现一位乘客在下车时忘记拿走自己的包,司机师傅把车开到终点站的时候,将包交给了公交公司。工作人员发现包里面有大量的现金,于是立刻报了警。 根据监控显示,17日上午11点26分,一名女士一手拿伞、一手挎包在镇江市区正东路站台上了60路公交车,坐在后半截车厢第一排的位置,由于当时作为比较空,这名女士将包放在旁边的座位上,之后便掏出手机玩了起来。十几分钟过后,该女士下车,将包忘在了车上。公交司机潘凯辉将包一直带到了终点站,工作人员打开看到包包鼓鼓的,一眼就能看见里面有大量的现金,于是立刻报警。出勤民警很快到达现场。随后民警将这只包带回了和平路派出所,发现包包里有现金两万多、存折四本、钱包一只等,里面有身份证、医保卡以及户口本等重要证件,民警很快通过户口本在警务平台上寻找失主的联系方式,发现户主处于关机状态,随后民警在包内发现了一个小本子,上面记录了失主女儿的电话,警方立即拨了过去,然而她的女儿也表示自己也发现母亲关系,暂时没法联系。今天(11月20日)民警继续联系上了失主的其他亲戚,终于找到了失主,并将现金和包包送上门还给了失主。相关的主题文章: