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Women’s mouth to mouth to save the sick construction workers were praised red woman Liu Maoying for Fu Wenman to do artificial respiration rescue. Xinhua News Agency issued the original title: Foshan women’s "mouth to mouth" to save the sick workers won praise according to Xinhua news agency Xinhua recently, a video circulating on the Internet in Foshan City, a woman in red one shoulder to two people with the CPR can better complete the rescue. I saw her knees, the first hard pressed down the patient’s chest; then breath, creeping down the supply of oxygen to the disease population; then repeat the same action. Rescued 48 year old construction workers from Hunan Fu Wenman, he did not think he would suddenly fell on the road to the site, but did not think that the two strange woman before the arrival of the professional rescue personnel he administered cpr. 8, is a simple rehabilitation training of Fu Wenman, after seeing reporters first thanked the stranger force him to snatch from death. Mouth to mouth rescue, delivery of oxygen of life on August 31st at 7 in the morning and more, Liu Maoying, aged 37, wearing a dress and red shirt, as usual to go out to work. Just 10 minutes from the distance, the accident happened. "Across the road surrounded by a group of people, but there is no traffic accident, not like falling objects, my first premonition is a sudden illness, and immediately ran to see." Liu Maoying said. The ground is near the site of the construction worker Fu Wenman, when Liu Maoying arrived, Fu Wen full lips, face purple. A white sister told Liu Maoying that the patient had no breath and pulse. Liu Maoying preliminary judgment of patients with hypoxia, the situation is critical. I shouted to hit the emergency call, while helping to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation, 30 times after the pressure of the two artificial respiration. Soon, uncle of the throat of the sputum sound. I see hope, but more anxious." Liu Maoying said. Because of the urgency of the situation, Liu Maoying could not take any protective measures. "Although I know that he has vomited blood, but the situation is too urgent, simply can not let me consider dirty dirty, there is no infectious disease, mouth to mouth on the artificial respiration. The only thing you need to do is hurry up, hurry up." In a photo, because of the use of the whole body oxygen, Liu Maoying’s face red. "I was out of the country," when the ambulance arrived, Liu Maoying quietly left the scene and ran to work, but still nearly 5 minutes late. Liu Maoying also very guilty: I am the person in charge of the health station, to take the lead role model." To the unit, she found her left knee pain, he knelt on the ground to save the original, in the press when worn out the knees. "Rinse the wound with water and continue to work." Liu Maoying said, Xiangyang Hospital of Chancheng District of Foshan City Buddha Ping Bei community health station only a few doctors and nurses, a daily average of more than 80 service people, big workload, "a lot of work cannot do without me, only insist on." Liu Maoying will soon be put to work to save things forgotten. She didn’t realize that she had become a "red" until the evening". The day was launched in Foshan for rescue prop相关的主题文章: