Women’s police station to help her parents laugh in the phone police liar neogeo.zip

Women’s police station to help her parents laugh on the phone police fraud last night at 21 am, Xiao Xiao, a few years old and a few friends to go out to the party 19. Xiao Xiao between laughter toast each other, can drink a few cups, on the way home, have dizzy spells in the street to make blind and disorderly conjectures, call for help. Mizube police station received the alarm by the masses, rushed to the nearby Fuzhou Fuxin Road Gulou District of the twin tower, the small Shaw back to the police station. Saw the police, Xiao Xiao excited, shouted for help, he was kneeling in front of the police, desperately clutching police clothes for help. The police found Xiao body wine is strong, it is predicted to be drinking too much, will sober up Xiao placement in the police station, at the same time, through the inquiry documents contact the Xiao family. The police after several twists and turns called Xiao parents call, when told to identity and Xiao Xiao situation, Xiao’s parents actually laugh on the phone the police is a liar, said how his daughter cried for help in the police station, and inform the police again to blackmail deceptive alarm. The police tried to explain the identity of a laugh, a little hope Shaw to parents and say a few words. Due to the small Shaw get to the police station shortly after drunk, the phone to the police Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao muttered can’t say a word to complete. The voice of the daughter finally let Xiao parents awareness of what to ask, and a series of specific physical characteristics of Xiao Xiao, in recognition of his daughter really Zuiwo the police station, Xiao Xiao parents are very anxious. They told the police husband and wife two people are still in the field, can not get to the police station to pick up her daughter, and said there will be other families to take home Xiao xiao. About more than an hour later, Xiao Xiao a little sober, found himself in the police station and drunk shouting for help, I feel very embarrassed. The next day at 0 PM, Xiao aunt rushed to the water police, the Xiao home. Xiao Xiao and his aunt on the police station is responsible for handling the police situation seriously, carefully take care of Xiao Xiao’s behavior has repeatedly expressed his gratitude. Police also told Xiao Xiao, and friends gatherings do not drink too much, not only detrimental to health, drinking single woman at night to go home also increased the security risks, I hope Xiao Xiao can pay more attention to the future. >相关的主题文章: