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Very want to see it again "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" – Sohu all over the world only 2% people to pay attention to the Xinshu Hu you are a special person in a few days ago, a friend, very fortunate enough to see "Billy · Lynn’s midfield high version of war". Before I started, I imagined how a 3D+4K+120 frame would work. But when the film opened, I was shocked. How to talk about it. I feel like I’m living in the screen. The so-called immersion experience is really not exaggerated, really shocking. There is a screen in the shrapnel can fly out hit my face feeling. In fact, watching the end of the day, I would like to talk with you about their feelings. But I’m still alive today. In order to change a way to talk with you about. November 15th, that is, 8 tomorrow evening. I’ll film partner, youth director of cloud’s uncle. Go to the most reliable critic "to mark" column and Mixiong Entertainment Co sponsored "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" live chat will seat. With no professional audience perspective, frame perception and cloud to my uncle. In fact, the live chat will be more than two of us. There are other big coffee are already involved. Welcome to read the original text, or below the two-dimensional code onlookers. As a white film, I hope tomorrow will not say the wrong thing in the broadcast time: in short) tomorrow at 8 p.m.. You are welcome to look at my face. ?相关的主题文章: