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Wuhan is not a large area of holiday return traffic congestion   train passengers traveling into the first choice – Hubei channel: people.com.cn original title: Wuhan is not a large area of holiday return traffic congestion to train passengers traveling first click to view original   HD; click to view original   HD HD; click to view original   Wuhan police released the first day of the festival early peak the warning yesterday from the Wuhan Municipal Traffic Management Bureau 122 Police Intelligence Center, National Day during the Wuhan city traffic smooth, shopping district and the surrounding road traffic in the overall smooth, large area not long, congestion, congestion nodes in and out of the city channel. Although the holiday return peak is not a wide range of congestion, but this is still up after the end of the National Day holiday return peak. The traffic control department is expected today in Zhongshan Road, Wu Luo Road, Ziyang Road, Zhang Zhidong road; Qingnian Road, Xinhua Road Road, Evergreen Road, aviation, road development will appear obvious congestion. The other two link (Changqing interchange to Zhuyeshan Interchange), second line (fruit lake tunnel), the Second Ring Road (Jianghan bridge), second line (Mei Jiashan interchange to Li Lijiao, (especially) the Third Ring Road interchange to Qingling interchange Yezhi Lake), three ring line (Sanjintan interchange to Gusao set intersection), Baishazhou Boulevard Luo Shi Nan Lu, Longyang Road, road, bridge, Gusao tree Avenue, Luoyu road also will be stranded. Family Tour two old with a small into the mainstream this year, "Golden Week" during the period, the old two with a small hollow group of tourists has become the mainstream of the tour group has become the mainstream of tourism in the past eleven. October 5th morning, Wuchang Ms. Yang and his wife with her seven year old grandson went to the HanKou Railway Station. Where they take the train to Yichang, then began the two day tour of the three gorges. In Yichang friends gathered, they were surprised to find that more than and 20 people group, there are 6 families, and they are all old with a grandson, a group of young people "no hollow". Tourism enterprise data also corroborated the hollow group in the eleven popular. Hu Sanping, general manager of Hubei Southern International Travel Agency, the "eleven" during the agency sent hundreds of tourists, most of them are "old + less". Travel destinations in East China, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Yunnan, as well as the province of Yichang and other places. On the hollow group phenomenon, Hu Sanping believes that young people usually work, parenting pressure, eleven during a rare break. At this time choose to let the old man with the children to travel, they can completely relax. And when traveling in the country, young people are more inclined to self driving, self-help travel, which also prompted the traditional tourism team increasingly hollow". Reporter Hu Die Tan Delei Cui Mengxin sun? Ma Huikuang Zhida liangshuang correspondent Huang Sisi Yuan Yonghua Gao Bin Lv Zuowu Zhu Jiawei Huang Qin Zeng Meng Li Zhang Qizhang Liu Chaoyu Chen Geli Yang Yong Zhang Peng (Diye bud commissioning editor Zhang Jun and Guan Xiyan)相关的主题文章: