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Xiamen "double eleven" delivery amount is expected to reach 14 million pieces of goods warehouse explosion Xiamen "double eleven" delivery amount is expected to reach 14 million, the courier company to exhaust all the skills "double eleven" in response to the 2015 period, many express cargo warehouse explosion phenomenon. Morning news reporter Bai Ruoxue correspondent Wu Wanjun 7 points to the point in the morning, 7:30 began to send a piece of time, one day down the stairs are countless, sent out the more than and 300 pieces. This is a senior SF courier Wang Jun last year "double eleven" daily, sending pieces amounted to three or four times the usual. Reporters learned that this year, Xiamen double eleven period (November 11th -17) to send the total will be greatly increased, is expected to reach 14 million, an increase of 36% over the same period last year. Each courier companies emergency recruitment, and improve the hourly temporary courier. Every dot is full of express, there is a way to send the feeling of endless." Wang Jun smiled and told reporters, usually send pieces every day as long as hundreds of pieces, but "double eleven" period will greatly increase the workload. Insiders told reporters, courier salary is linked to the amount of labor, so some couriers can get tens of thousands of wages." Enable hundreds of routes "SF express logistics industry has increased by 5 consecutive years of more than 50%, every year is a great test for us, have to add extra." Xiamen Yuantong general manager Liu Xinhua said. According to the State Post Bureau is expected this year, the industry will have 2 million 680 thousand front-line staff into the double eleven express service, compared with last year, an increase of more than 50%, the backbone of the vehicle grew by about 59%, air capacity increased by about 40%. "We have the largest shipping fleet, this year will enable SF airlines more than 100 routes to reduce resources, increase, fly." SF Express staff Xiao wu. In addition to the SF express, other courier companies have resorted to "trump card", EMS will add more than 10000 courier, postal service plane will also increase the route; Shen Tong added point of DC transmission line. The courier canceled vacation "not afraid of the road thousands of kilometers, but the last 100 meters." Xiao Wu believes that in addition to people, vehicles, aircraft and other basic reserve capacity, the more difficult problem is that the capacity to deploy, at the end of the logistics distribution is the urgent challenge facing the courier logistics industry. ‘double eleven’ that day is not terrible, but the next 12 to 15 days of delivery is very large." This time all the courier industry staff canceled holidays, administrative staff will also be sent to the front-line support. The workload of the distribution staff will reach three times more than usual, almost no rest time, after work in the evening to be able to work after 9, a lot of strength." The reporter understands, SF express and Yuantong Express have recruited hundreds of temporary delivery emergency support. Courier companies to hire a number of courier express courier staff not only to improve the wages of the courier, temporary recruitment of hourly wages have been raised. This year, Xiamen express industry hourly average hourly wage rose from 18 yuan last year to about $25, the courier company is expected to increase nearly 6000 temporary workers. The reporters found, including Amazon, SF, tact, Shen Tong, day;相关的主题文章: