Xiamen won the National Award for the highest creative documentary broadcast by CCTV in the library-melia kreiling

Xiamen creative documentary won the national top prize was included in the CCTV broadcast library "founding king Yan Siqi" stills. The newspaper news (reporter Yang Ji Lin CEN) recently, reporters from the just concluded "twenty-second Chinese documentary academic ceremony cum third session of the Shenzhen Youth Film Festival" was informed by the large investment Haicang District planning creative human history documentary "founding king Yan Siqi" won the twenty-second China television documentary film "Ten Excellent" works, become the local government county level only received this award for creative documentaries and documentary broadcast by CCTV into a major long-term base. The film tells the true history of Haicang, estrous legend, "the first person" Yan Tong and founding the Taiwan Strait, the expansion of sea trade, recruitment of immigrants from the mainland, Taiwan and Taiwan development history which proved that the surge high and sweep forward, history on both sides of the same root, carry forward the "theme of both sides of a pro to build new homes." The day before, deputy secretary, deputy director of the Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone, Cao said in an interview with reporters. The judges praised: "it is the depth of cross-strait cultural integration to provide a new mode and model" in fact, this is not China documentary Academic Festival "founding king Yan Siqi" for the first time to shine. In September 11th this year, the CCTV Documentary Channel (CCTV-9) evening primetime premiere, just two months, has carried out more than and 10 replay in the channel, generated a huge response in the Strait, quickly set off a hot wave of "sea silk" culture. The judges believe that the "founding king Yan Siqi" both cultural and historical value, time value and academic value, is a magnificent, elegant boutique, provides a new mode and model for cross-strait cultural integration. It is worth mentioning that the film is a record channel CCTV documentary broadcast into the major library, will be shown in a fairly long period of time to use. It is reported that the "founding king Yan Siqi" documentary also received the Taiwan Affairs Office and the association’s recognition and praise. ARATS vice president Sun Yafu commented: "it is of great significance! Both commemorate sages, promote local culture, is to deepen cross-strait identity, strengthen cross-strait integration, promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." These years, with the deepening of exchanges on Taiwan, Haicang has been widely known as the "hometown of second Taiwanese compatriots". "Founding king Yan Siqi" hit not only caused the attention of industry experts, for the majority of life in Haicang Taiwanese, Taiwan, the documentary also allowed them to have a deeper understanding of the history of Taiwan, as a link, they will be in Taiwan, Haicang this "two home" complex system tighter and more solid. "Look, this is our temple!" When the familiar temple, familiar with the local accent in the documentary appears, Taichung palace director Lai Dingzhong yuan his excitement. He said that the two sides share the same root, how to make the compatriots on both sides of the heart closer, this documentary is very good "bridge". "Is really worthy of humanistic heights, is really worthy of masterpieces!" The day before, the director of the Taiwan Nantou County Cultural Bureau Lin Rongsen led a delegation to visit the Haicang, this documentary, issued a heartfelt sigh. "I hope this documentary can be played in Taiwan as soon as possible;相关的主题文章: