Xinchang volunteers picking up trash on the cliff path along the cliff dragon and eat

Xinchang volunteers picking up trash on the cliff path along the cliff "dragon" and "eat" junk recently, Xinchang nineteen peak scenic road to 10 dragon dragon, flying them down from the plank road, along a vertical drop of one hundred or two hundred meters to the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, sometimes even hanging in midair. These "dragon" from Xinchang Red Cross outdoor rescue team, to the plank road is not dazzling stunt, but the use of professional skills, free to help scenic spots to pick up tourists discarded garbage. This year "eleven" period, Xinchang nineteen peak scenic dragon dragon plank road trial business. Seven days, the plank road is full of people. Excessive influx of tourists, the scenic environment caused some impact, some tourists in the distance from the ground 200 meters high flying dragon plank road, throw down garbage. All sorts of garbage scattered on the hillside, or cliff branches, very unsightly. But it’s almost impossible for ordinary sanitation workers to clean up the garbage scattered on the hillside. Proper management of scenic spots square sore, Red Cross of Xinchang outdoor rescue team volunteered to volunteer with this arduous task. In October 11th, 10 members of the Xinchang Red Cross outdoor rescue team came to the Dragon plank road by wearing professional equipment. They relied on the cement piers on the plank road and the sturdy trunk of the mountain as the supporting point, and dropped to the hillside one hundred meters vertically, picking up rubbish. At 8:30 on October 15th, 10 players came to the dragon’s plank road again, and this time they focused on cleaning up the most dangerous glass plank road along the Dragon plank road. Until five thirty in the afternoon, the rescue workers just cleaned the garbage on the cliff under the glass plank road. It is understood that most of these players are party members or activists, and most of them have their own work. Zhao Zhuting, general manager of the nineteen peak company of Xinchang County Tourism Group, thanked the rescue team for its selfless help. During the "eleven" period, they do volunteer work in scenic spots, do security work together with scenic workers, and now they are risking their lives to help us clean up rubbish." Rescue team party branch secretary Pan Qingqing told reporters, because everyone has work in the body, so the next clean-up work will be placed on the weekend, the whole clean-up time is expected to continue for more than half a month. Scenic areas appeal to tourists to civilized play, do not throw garbage to the mountain, to maintain the clean and tidy scenery area.

新昌志愿者悬崖上捡垃圾 栈道“飞龙”“专吃”垃圾近日,新昌十九峰景区飞龙栈道来了10条“飞龙”,他们从栈道上飞身而下,沿着悬崖峭壁垂直下降一两百米到山腰,有时甚至悬在半空中。这些“飞龙”来自新昌红十字户外救援队,来栈道上也不是炫特技,而是利用专业技能,无偿帮助景区捡起游客丢弃的垃圾。今年“十一”期间,新昌十九峰景区飞龙栈道试营业。七天时间里,栈道人气爆满。过多游客涌入,给景区环境造成了一定影响,部分游客在距离地面200米高的飞龙栈道上,随手往下扔垃圾。形形色色的垃圾随风散落在半山腰,或者悬崖树枝上,非常不雅观。但要清理散落在半山腰的垃圾,对普通环卫人员来说几乎不可能。正当景区管理方头疼时,新昌红十字会户外救援队主动请缨,以志愿者身份接下这个艰巨任务。10月11日,新昌红十字会户外救援队10名队员穿戴专业设备来到飞龙栈道上,他们依托栈道上的水泥墩以及山间粗壮树干做支撑点,垂直百米下降到山腰,捡拾垃圾。10月15日上午8时半,10名队员再次来到飞龙栈道,这次他们重点清理飞龙栈道最惊险的玻璃栈道一块。直到下午五时半,救援队员才将玻璃栈道下的悬崖上垃圾基本清理干净据了解,这些队员多数是党员或者入党积极分子,大部分都有自己的工作。新昌县旅游集团十九峰公司总经理赵竹汀十分感谢救援队的无私帮助。“‘十一’期间,他们就分批在景区做志愿者,与景区工作人员一起做安保工作,如今还冒着危险,帮助我们清理垃圾。”救援队党支部书记潘庆卿告诉记者,因为大家都有工作在身,所以接下来的清理工作会放在周末,预计整个清理时间还需持续大半个月。景区方面呼吁,游客要文明游玩,不要把垃圾随手往山下扔,共同维护景区的干净整洁。相关的主题文章: