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Xingyang 7 gold pomegranate shoot 66 thousand woman Hao throw 20 thousand pomegranate take Wang Washington September 27th morning, Xiang Xingyang held a "pomegranate Heyin Wang" auction and "student" donation ceremony, attracted more than and 30 companies and hundreds of people participate in the auction. The auction a total of 7 gold award pomegranate, take 66 thousand yuan donations, donated to the local department of education funding for poor students to go to school. 27 on the morning of 10 pm, held in the village of Xingyang high pomegranate festival event, Miss etiquette held a fruit weight 775 grams of pomegranate came to power, the host announced the auction began. It was numbered 106 pomegranates, high liuputou village villagers 1 groups of farmers planting cultivated period of Chen pen, in this year’s Xingyang pomegranate King competitions, won the bronze hard pomegranate cultivars. The pomegranate starting price is 2000 yuan, the highest price of 1000 yuan for each auction. With a auction bid, this gold pomegranate was eventually scene surnamed Han’s 10 thousand yuan to take mr.. In the auction site, the auction is very fierce. With 18 plates of Mr. Wang Huayong, after a round of the auction, respectively 8000 yuan and 9000 yuan for took two large soft and hard seed pomegranate pomegranate king silver. He claimed to be the head of a business, go back, he will put two pomegranates into a special transparent glass freezer, so that friends appreciate. 11:20, the auction entered the climax. When being named king of pomegranate, the number 101 was held on the occasion of the ceremony, Miss Dai, the presence of the masses and the participants who are not calm, we have come up with a mobile phone to the pomegranate king photo. The cultivated "pomegranate fruit king" Wang Genchang, his award certificate display for everyone to see. He said he planted more than a decade of pomegranate, the first time to bear such a big pomegranate, particularly excited. This gold pomegranate fruit weight reached 1033 grams, in the local calendar are very rare. After another round of the auction, which was "pomegranate king" was finally a Ms. Zhang, the price of 20 thousand yuan to go. It is understood that the pomegranate King auction will auction a total of 7 pieces of pomegranate, in addition to the "pomegranate king", there are 6 pieces of soft and hard seed seed respectively "pomegranate king" of gold, silver and bronze medals of 6 pomegranate, went for a total donation of 66 thousand yuan. After the auction, the organizers will be on the spot to the donation to the local department of education, for the high village of four primary and secondary schools by teaching conditions and improve the education of students from poor families. (newspaper) video: Shanghai discovered gold price value of 200 million the world’s only this one相关的主题文章: