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Xining 29 year old male teachers "suspicious" students rescued a family of three – week Beijing teacher is giving a lecture to the students. She Lisha photo Beijing, Xining, November 15, (She Lisha) 15, a student in Xining City Hui middle school parents, with both sides of the banner came to the school, the school teacher "thank you for saving". It turned out that just a few days ago, thanks to the school teacher’s careful and responsible, so that a family of three to avoid a disaster. 9 morning, Xining City Hui school third grade class six Zhou Zhanhu found usually in class neither late nor truant students Ma Zhijie didn’t come to class, he will contact the student and mother, however, the phone has no answer. At that time, Ma Zhijie’s father to call the teacher Zhou, asked whether or not to go to school, because his son’s school teacher called to tell him that the youngest son did not go to school. Zhou teacher a listen to, aware of the students may encounter unexpected at home, they quickly reported to the school leadership, led the two class cadres rushed to the home of Ma Zhijie. On the same day, Miss Zhou told reporters Beijing, due to the arrival of winter, he learned that many students are at home to start burning coal stove heating, he thought that the student is in the home and family may smoke poisoning. When they came to the students home rental housing door, found the home doors and windows closed, no one answered after knocking at the door, the teacher immediately decided through a week. When the three men entered the room, they were shocked by the sight. "We see Ma Zhijie and his brother lying motionless on the bed room at the time, the student has cold feet, found, I will immediately call 120, then found their mother fell in the bathroom become unconscious." On the day of the week the teacher told reporters, "a family of three is smoke poisoning, we quickly open the doors and windows for ventilation, and in accordance with the guidance of 120 emergency personnel on the telephone, to carry out artificial respiration emergency rescue on three of them, until the 120 ambulance arrived." Due to the timely rescue, Ma Zhijie and his mother and brother soon after waking, the teacher saw the students a week through, and two class cadres rushed back to school. 15, the rescued students with Ma Zhijie’s parents came to the school on both sides of the banner, side to school, thanks to the school to cultivate a good teacher virtue; the other side to Miss Zhou, thanks to his careful and responsible, let them one family survived. Ma Zhijie’s mother said excitedly: "thanks to the week the teacher’s patience, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate the children and i!" For the week to save the teacher, the school leadership, teachers are not accidental. The school vice president Han Lixin told reporters, Mr. Zhou was only 29 years old, but in 7 years the school has always been a serious and responsible teacher, has been repeatedly rated as excellent teachers, meritorious teacher etc.. (end)相关的主题文章: