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Yanbian disabled full camp four out of the main industry Pelosi debut or still take the anti – Sohu sports at 3:30 this afternoon, Yanbian flight team will usher in the twenty-fifth round of the Super League of their own, the opponent is last in a fight with them "brothers" Hebei Huaxia happiness team. Yanbian yesterday announced the flight before the poster, the theme of "happiness", on the season 3 Yanbian flight home court to 0 victory over the Chinese happy, also led directly to the other coach Serbia anthich class. This year Yanbian flight again to be happy, even Zhuang is indeed a lack of confidence. However, coach Pu Taixia said: "this game will be the most important one, is to test the results of the team season a game." Four out of the main history of the first round to face the Hebei Huaxia happiness team, Yanbian team, Nicola Jiang Hongquan was suspended, yin and Sun Jun injury than garland. Although Steve can be added into the first, but most canzhen four key players will create Fuld Yanbian team this season "". Although the two teams in the first leg match, against a tough Huaxia happiness offside ball defeated the Yanbian team, but this time the Yanbian team is facing many difficulties. Four players out, we had a headache. Now Nicola was suspended for three games, according to the idea of the original park taixia, he will choose Li Haojie as a partner in Cui people, as a defender. But Li Haojie’s edgy will not be repeated? At the same time, Li Haojie’s height is only 1.78 meters, as a central defender, a serious lack of air defense. Fortunately, the face of the upcoming China happy team, not a fight team. The Yanbian team now worries and captain Cui Min, he has accumulated three yellow cards, get a yellow card will be suspended. However, the park before the game, said: tomorrow individual players will be the first place in the league appearances, I believe they have the ability to play a good game." For the first time in the league, who would it be? In accordance with the suspension position, defender’s first appearance will be Han Xuan, the right back position will not be a teenager Jinxian? However, Pu Taixia also gave full confidence to the bench: I believe they can perform well, able to complete the task." A 63 year old birthday yesterday coincides with the work of the game for the Hebei Huaxia happiness team is also quite critical, they do not have what impact AFC Champions League and avoid relegation pressure, but to face. The game is the first game of Pellegrini coached Chinese happiness, and yesterday was his 63 year old birthday in September 16th. In the face of such a game, they will easily? Compared to the team shortly before the injury ravaged, now many Chinese happiness is better, in addition to gervinho, other foreign aid, Alois Theo, Kakuta and Gurum can play mubiya. Pellegrini led the time is not long, in such a short period of time will be his "beautiful football" concept completely indoctrination, does not seem realistic. Their game is expected to continue in the past Li Tie’s defensive tactical system. Before the game, China is the most dreaded Yanbian flight home court ability. In this season, 11 game home court has made Yanbian flight record of 6 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, the last 5 home court "相关的主题文章: