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"Yangtze River map" film space Nilv — Interpretation of people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: "the Yangtze River map" with a film directed by Yang Chao, a temporal interpretation of Hsiao-Hsien Hou queen photographer Li Pingbin Zhang Jing, Berlin International Film Festival "the Silver Bear Award for outstanding artistic contribution at the beginning of this year" (Photography) film "Yangtze River map" yesterday’s premiere in Beijing, Wang Xiaoshuai, Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou and other insiders to help out. According to producer Wang Yu, in order to better watch the 4K interpretation of "Yangtze River map" with a film in the cinema, the film side declined more than the intention to acquire copyright network platform. "The Yangtze River map" is the only one so far this year in the three major European Film Festival award-winning films, and is likely to be the last film in the country to shoot a long film. "Yangtze River map" to make full use of the film layer, express the unique abundant emotion and dense river misty appearance, let the audience like the vast Yangtze River was enveloped in the process. Yang Chao said that the Yangtze River is a symbol of Chinese civilization, the film along the Yangtze River upstream, can be understood as a cultural origin. In Berlin after the screening, director Yang Chao think screenings 2K version can’t fully show the film texture and advantages, so after returning home and spent several months making a version of 4K. Compared with the September 8th release of the 4K version of "Yangtze River map" and Berlin, 2K version of the narrator is reduced by 2/3, the soundtrack did not change, but to make a sound, color and sound of the movie is more delicate. Producer Wang Yu said, in order to let the audience can see better interpretation of 4K "the Yangtze River map" with a film in the cinema, the film side declined more than the network platform for the film rights to buy intention. Some movies can only be seen in the cinema, in order to feel the best results." Wang Yu said. The film "Yangtze River map" has a surreal, magical story kernel, photographer Li Pingbin with a Chinese traditional literati ink feelings show the up river on the "space hotel": men and women in different time and space in the opposite direction, the camera follows the man sailed upstream, for time sequence woman. The film tries to break through the inherent mode of the traditional Chinese art film by means of narrative technique and influence, and brings a kind of unique narrative effect. (reporter Yang Lianjie) (commissioning editor Ou Xingrong and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: