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Yankees: Farenair Pace found a cattle Jiepan West Ham won promotion lottery 16126 Yankees cattle victory and defeat color quiz Europa four qualifying round 2 round tournament, tournament is a two round, compound away goal concessions, draw until penaltykick overtime. With the Champions League qualifier can drive out compared to Europa, Europa qualify for the race this season will end war games. A first round score for reference, combined with the schedule and the competition system, can grasp the team on the warpath. The rest of the world lottery more real-time recommendation please download APP reading. The winning color Europe refers to eight games support the disc half above the market, seemingly bile material a lot, but popular screenings and fuzzy matches still cautious prevention. 01 VS   10 IFK Goteborg Karabakh; qarabag [Azeri super 1] new season eight games 3 wins 3 flat 2 negative record, two Champions League qualifying 1 wins, 3 unbeaten eliminated Europa, qualifying first round 0-1 defeat away, at least need to return a round ball dragged into overtime for a chance; IFK Goteborg the Swedish super 4] from the first round of Europa qualifying 5 wins 1 flat 1 negative way, the stranger to undefeated to qualify. Europe refers to the 99 average 1.47  3.86  7.09: equivalent disk main let a ball high water dish 0.94 potential adverse. William Hill: 1.53.   3.75 =   = 7; 1.48  = 4 and Libo;   = two; 8 Pingfu easily found hot intensified uplift. Check lottery 10. The 02 grasshopper VS Fenerbahce   30 grasshopper [Swiss Super League 6] 2-1 – sion, stop the six consecutive away 1 flat 5 negative winless, Europa first leg 0-3 behind the most will fight for honor; soil super 13] from Fenerbahce [the Champions League under driving to the Europa visit are small negative 2 ball capital, and the team also poor at. Europe refers to the 99 average of 3.56:   3.47  1.95 or 0.95 disk guest Let the hemisphere high water disc potential guide disc. William, Hill. 3.80 =   3.50    = 3.60 and 1.95: Libo; 3.60  1.95: two in Shengping high value slightly abnormal. Check lottery 30. 03 VS AEK   3 Liberec Larnaka; Czech 14] a new season [from seven war 3 wins 2 flat 2 negative record, Europa qualifier 1-0 away win, no doubt occupy promotion opportunities; AEK Larnaka Cyprus League 2] in the truce period, before the round of Europa qualifying 5 wins, 1 unbeaten qualifying round. A need to fight against. Europe refers to the 99 average 2.02  =   3.29; 3.55 or 1.02 disk main let hemisphere high water disc potential guide disc. William. Hill 2.00    = 3.40.相关的主题文章: