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Yao Zhenhua speech: overtime work 14 hours a day regardless of economyclass sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way: Yao Zhenhua Jianqian timeout speech: since aircraft flying economy class 14 hours a day "Vanke incident", low-key Boland Group Chairman Yao Zhenhua became popular in the night. Yesterday morning, the third session of the Guangdong business conference held by the Guangdong business summit, low-key Yao Zhenhua suddenly high profile, rare published a speech about 15 minutes, compared with the original arrangement of the time extended by 7 minutes. Before the speech, the host said, Yao Zhenhua graduated from the South China University of Technology, is a "Curve Wrecker", is also a Chaoshan businessman. Yao Zhenhua took the microphone, said humorously, he was born in Shantou, native of Shandong, is now in cantonese. Schmidt, Yao Zhenhua said, he will Guangdong enterprises to better adapt to the new economic norm, seize the opportunities of economic restructuring, experiences and suggestions to realize enterprise development and social responsibility. He first introduced the situation of treasure group. Baoneng group is the Guangdong reform and opening up, Shenzhen high-speed development of the beneficiaries, Guangdong is the vanguard of reform and opening up, Shenzhen is also an important carrier of upgrading industrial transformation. Treasure in the field of industrial development, to support the entity as a link to finance, including property development, financial logistics and technology incubators and other fields, assets of more than 400 billion yuan, more than 60 thousand employees. Then, Yao Zhenhua explained his idea. The real economy is the creator of social wealth. China has become the world’s second largest economy, made in China all over the world, especially in the manufacturing of Guangdong shine, the core reason is that Guangdong has a first-class business environment, the achievements of the Guangdong businessmen. Then, the depth of involvement in the "Vanke incident" Yao Zhenhua, how to understand the real estate, the development of the financial industry? He said that the traditional real estate development model, has been unable to meet the social development, customer demand, the government has only once the fiscal boost. Therefore, treasure can only be innovative, do the city integrated operators, the real estate project and the city in depth, into the development of the city. In his speech, Yao Zhenhua praised the real economy. He believes that finance is the core of modern economy, but the significance of the financial services in the real economy, reduce costs, promote the development of the real economy, and accelerate the growth of the real economy, structural transformation. Yao Zhenhua also revealed himself and the working conditions of the board of directors can treasure. He and the board of directors can treasure, never care about the plane is first class or economy class, and the work is basically 5+2, white + black, working more than 14 hours a day, almost normal. After the end of the forum, Yao Zhenhua was immediately surrounded by the audience, asked for a photo. Yao Zhenhua one to meet the requirements of the audience, but also said". When a media reporter asked for an interview, Yao Zhenhua said, after the appointment, the staff escorted, they hurried away.   the third session of the conference "Guangdong Guangdong forum" held, well-known Guangdong on "made in Guangdong" (Nanfang Daily) low-key Guangdong "high-profile" on innovation 23, as the third kinds of Guangdong相关的主题文章: