Yu Zheng beauty manufacturing infringement verdict does not constitute plagiarism-tataufo

Yu Zheng "beauty of manufacture" infringement verdict: not constitute plagiarism in the drama "beauty" was accused of copyright infringement, the court finds that plagiarism was not Huaxi Dushi Bao in the drama was once the screen viewing vane, but after it broke out plagiarism storm. Two years ago in the drama "beauty" hit, but then was accused of Jiangsu Yangzhou writer Zhou Haohui, in his novel the plot of suspected plagiarism. November 7th the first instance verdict, the court found that the United States made does not constitute a novel evil hypnotist plagiarism, adaptation, Yu Zheng was innocent, dismissed all claims of the plaintiff. It is understood that the week of March 17, 2016 Haohui sue Yu Zheng, Zhou Jing and other six accused of copyright infringement case in Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou City Intermediate People’s court hearing. Zhou Haohui said: "the prosecution of" beauty "of twenty-ninth sets, thirty sets of manufacturing hypnotic plot of the novel involves infringement, asked the defendant to apologize and compensate the economic losses and costs 831480 yuan". Zhou Haohui lawyers had to accept the Yangzhou daily interview, said: plagiarism or imitation, reference, the criteria are difficult. A similar point is accidental, a few points may not be the same. "Made in the United States" and "evil hypnotist" has a highly similar plot structure, plot, can be defined as infringement. For the above prosecution, Yangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on November 7, 2016 to make a judgment. The court finds that the plaintiff sued the works and the works do not constitute a substantial similarity, there exist obvious differences in the main content of the story of the two works and story structure, belong to two different stories, although the three have similar elements in the hypnotic plot two works, but the story, after cohesion and logical order is not the same as a TV drama "beauty" of the novel manufacturing "evil hypnotist" using a small number of elements belonging to the reference design, will not lead to readers and viewers have the same or similar appreciation of the two works, the two works do not constitute a substantial similarity on the defendant infringed its right, the right of adaptation works proposition can not be established. Plaintiff Zhou Haohui’s lack of factual and legal basis for the appeal, dismissed Zhou’s claims. For the judgment of the first instance, the United States made drama party lawyer said the verdict fair and impartial, will have a guiding significance for similar cases.相关的主题文章: