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Zhang Shuo Fu Yuxi research: clear thinking to promote private enterprises to develop faster and better – Yunnan channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhang Shuo Fu Yuxi research: clear thinking to promote private enterprises to develop faster and better development in Yuxi, Zhang Shuofu stressed that the research of private enterprises with clear thinking and promote private enterprises to develop faster and better yesterday, the provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Zhang Shuofu Yuxi Industrial Park to research and research development of private enterprises. He stressed the need to clear the development of ideas, enhance the ability of independent innovation, strengthen the construction of private enterprise party, do a good job of service security, and promote the development of private enterprises faster and better. Zhang Shuofu line to the linkage Yuxi research and Industrial Park Yunnan Dianxue grain and Oil Co., deep snow Yunnan plateau characteristics of vegetable oil deep processing comprehensive utilization project construction site, the full price of the filling workshop, asked in detail about the sources of raw materials, product sales enterprise road, research to understand the development of enterprises. In the subsequent meeting of the forum, Zhang Shuofu and the relevant departments and enterprises to jointly explore and analyze the difficulties and problems existing in the enterprise to promote the development of enterprises to explore ideas, measures and methods. After listening carefully to the report of the enterprise situation, Zhang Fu to the enterprise development at this stage to be fully affirmed the achievements. Zhang Shuofu pointed out that the private economy is an important force to promote our province leap in the development process, support and service of private enterprises is to implement specific measures to steady growth, only private enterprises developed steady growth to have in the future. He stressed that enterprises should further clarify the development of ideas and positioning, through the development of enterprises, and to promote participatory poverty out of poverty hat, promote the development of county economy, and provide safe food for the province’s oil; to take the initiative to go out, to strengthen regional cooperation and achieve win-win cooperation, focusing on innovation, enhance the capability of independent innovation, activation new energy for the development of the enterprise; in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and perfect the enterprise party organization establishment, strengthen party building in enterprises. The relevant departments should take measures to recruit real hard, breaking the barrier to solve problems, provide quality services for the enterprise, create a good environment, and promote the province to accelerate the development of private economy. (Chen Yixi) (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: