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Zhang Han column: financial brand layout of sports marketing by Sohu   – force marathon sports; the financial industry has always been a battlefield without smoke, not only for customers, more important is customer trust. Bank credit card, commercial insurance, fund securities, financial manager…… All kinds of financial enterprises in many fields with exhaust all the skills, escalating competition. In this regard, financial companies need to solve the problem of brand communication, marketing, industrial layout and other issues, to achieve a win-win brand and performance. Reputation is the core of financial brand marketing for the whole China and the world famous banks we already because everyone for having heard it many times, dealing with banks, why these banks also constantly invest in the brand promotion? For any financial enterprises, the brand represents not only the visibility, more important is the reputation, credit, credit is the core of the financial brand. Therefore, how to enhance the brand reputation and customer loyalty, is the need to continue to explore the problem of financial enterprises. Finance is the upstream industry to the national economy has a huge role in promoting financial enterprises always pay attention to social responsibility and participation in public events, so often choose the media organizations and media with social welfare, strong credibility in advertising, like other large city marathon event is precisely carrier favored by financial enterprises, and a non reality show and other entertainment forms of communication. Because of the perfect embodiment of social responsibility, need a strong endorsement of government, city, public, marathon "once a year, once a year" the dissemination of ideas and a healthy and positive temperament is also consistent with the financial enterprise communication needs, marathon set advertising, public relations, brand, and precision marketing is one the form of marketing is to any other media incomparable. The world famous financial companies are sponsoring a marathon, such as Standard Chartered Bank long-term sponsorship of the Hongkong marathon in 1997, Standard Chartered Bank began naming the first marathon, when only more than 1 thousand people from Hongkong to Shenzhen, meaning the return of Hongkong. Today, the Standard Chartered Hongkong marathon has become the world’s attention events, the local people have the habit of saying "Hong Kong horse" as a "Standard Chartered horse", only in 2015 attracted 73000 entries, including the star for having heard it many times. Not only that, the bank has the title of 10 marathon races, the Standard Chartered Marathon series has become the worldwide famous and popular marathon, which is immeasurable for shaping and dissemination of the value of its brand reputation. The occupation of the high-end crowd is the key financial brand marketing when the country’s per capita GDP reached $5000, entered the ranks of high-income countries and regions, life style and people’s consumption structure will be a qualitative change, finance as a part of the way of life, but also are undergoing tremendous changes, mobile payment, credit card, insurance, business the mortgage, fund management, small loans and other more and more penetrate people’s lives, has become an important way for the profits of financial institutions. Hence the need for marketing innovation, win more consumer groups. Marathon is a tool for enterprise marketing innovation. ]相关的主题文章: