Zhangzhou, a 2 year old girl has not been weaned, drink milk every day to detect kidney stones-pork face

Zhangzhou, a 2 year old girl has not weaned drink milk every day found in small right kidney calculi has a small stone (circle) Taiwanese news network October 29th 3 pm yesterday, the Ministry of the Third Hospital of Zhangzhou city hospital, 2 year old Hunan girl in (a pseudonym) lying on the bed, quietly asleep. Abdominal pain, repeated fever, toss for nearly 5 months, the doctor finally found the culprit". Yesterday morning, through minimally invasive surgery, small according to the right kidney of a 1.5× 1 cm size of the stone was broken out. Xiao Yi became the youngest patient with kidney stones in Zhangzhou third hospital. A small family from Hunan, Zhangjiajie, parents work in Zhangzhou. In June this year, Xiao started feeling abdominal pain, accompanied by fever. At first, the family thought it was just a common cold. But later, Xiao Yi repeatedly called stomach pain, and repeated fever, the doctor opened the stomach medicine, she vomited. In October 18th, the family took Xiao Yi to the pediatric clinic of Zhangzhou third hospital. The blood film examination, doctors found that small abdominal pain, fever caused by "murderer", was a stone of the right kidney. "In fact, the right kidney ureter connection stone, blocked in the export place, cause urinary tract infection", Department of Urology director Chen Chuancong introduced, this stone head is not small, about 1.5× 1 centimeters, can only be removed by surgery. After the early anti-inflammatory treatment, control infection, fever, yesterday morning, the doctor to small according to do minimally invasive surgery. Half an hour later, the doctor broke the stone and removed it. In four or five days, Xiao Yi will be discharged. How can a child who is 2 years old suffer from kidney stones? Ms. Wu said, little has not yet weaned, never eat milk, love drinking water, urine is very normal, but usually drink a brand of milk, "basically every meal to drink, sometimes a day to drink a box, sometimes a day to drink four or five boxes."". In this regard, Chen introduced the doctor, stone causes are manifold. For example, the local diet habits and environment, if the mountains, deserts, tropical areas, less water, water evaporation larger, easy to stone". Vitamin A deficiency, genetic factors, also can cause stones. Chen Chuancong also said that if children eat long-term quality unqualified milk powder, drinks will also easily form stones. Some milk drinks marked on the market are not fresh milk, but milk drinks, sweet and delicious, but children should not be consumed for a long time, otherwise it is easy to form stones. (reporter Chen Qingsong Jiang Dai Hoi haven map)

漳州一2岁女孩至今未断奶 每天喝牛奶查出肾结石 小依的右肾长了个不小的结石(画圈处)   闽南网10月29日讯 昨天下午3时许,漳州市第三医院住院部,2岁的湖南女孩小依(化名)趴在病床上,静静地睡着了。   腹痛,反复发烧,折腾了小依近5个月,医生终于找到了“元凶”。昨日上午,通过微创手术,小依右肾一个1.5×1.0厘米大小的结石被打碎取出。小依成了漳州市第三医院年龄最小的肾结石患者。   小依一家来自湖南张家界,父母在漳州务工。今年6月,小依开始感觉腹痛,并伴有发烧。   起初,家人都以为只是普通感冒,烧退了就没事。可是后来,小依又多次称肚子痛,而且反复发烧,医生开了肠胃方面的药吃,她都吐出来。   10月18日,家人带着小依到漳州市第三医院儿科就诊。经抽血、拍片检查,医生发现,引起小依腹痛、发热的“真凶”,竟是右肾的一块结石。   “实际上是右肾输尿管连接部结石,堵在出口的地方,引起泌尿系统感染”,泌尿外科主任陈川聪介绍,这个结石个头不小,约1.5×1.0厘米,只能通过手术取出。   经过前期消炎治疗,控制感染、发烧,昨天上午,医生给小依做了微创手术。半小时后,医生将这个结石打碎,成功取出。再过四五天,小依就能出院了。   才2岁的小孩,怎么会肾结石?   吴女士称,小依至今尚未断奶,从来都不吃奶粉,挺爱喝水的,小便都很正常,但平日爱喝某品牌的牛奶,“基本上每顿饭都要喝,有时一天喝一盒,有时一天喝四五盒”。   对此,陈川聪医生介绍,结石的原因是多方面的。例如当地的饮食习惯跟环境,如果是山区、沙漠、热带地区,喝水比较少,水分蒸发较大,容易结石”。而维生素A缺乏、遗传因素等,也会造成结石。   陈川聪也表示,儿童如果长期食用质量不合格的奶粉、饮料也会容易形成结石。有些市面上标注的牛奶饮品,其实并非鲜牛奶,而是乳饮料,香甜可口,但儿童不宜长期食用,否则也易形成结石。(海都记者 陈青松 戴江海 文 图)相关的主题文章: