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Zheng Guofan Fu Lei received a letter: after we read who culture people.com.cn original title: Zheng Guofan Fu Lei received a letter: after we read who just entered the autumn postgraduate year, my tutor is an associate professor of the East China Normal University Lu Pengcheng School of communication. The first reading task he arranged for us, not the news dissemination of professional books, but "Zheng Guofan". Today, at that time my heart is still reading letters: on the ancient wooden library bookshelf, a page to read the Zheng Guofan family and the geese on self-cultivation? Weirenchushi? Housekeeping Godson military politics?…… Many letters, a frame silhouette legend spirit, to have a glimpse of that future generations. And I am most interested in the level, as a father of Zheng Guofan. Through letters, we can see Zheng Guofan’s son, Ceng Jize, the high expectations of the heart of the heart of the deep of the heart of the deep, the heart of the son of God, the depth of the heart of the deep, the heart of the deep. Zheng Guofan talked about the methods of reading and thinking, "xuxinhanyong, qiejiticha", asked his son to be ambitious, knowledgeable and persistent, emphasizing the personality is closely linked with learning; Zheng Guofan also attach great importance to the cultivation of healthy physique and son, to cultivate a sound personality, body, spirit of good quality, can improve the bearing of the classic the absorption of knowledge. Then we recommend the teacher explained, "the first time", "Zheng Guofan", on the one hand, because of its focus on comprehensive training and development of people, which is the lack of university education today. On the other hand, different from the public education, letters have a distinctive feature: it is between the family fathers sons on it, and the Confucian tradition, so the letter still emphasize loving father and faithful son, this kind of education is more full of strong feelings. In addition to the letters of Zheng Guofan family well-known, far and near "Fu Lei", "Shen Congwen", a classic letter is highly praised by scholars. By the "father" penned by loving family, children, family is the most precious treasure of life, but also continue to explore the meaning of life, to guide people to enhance the moral cultivation. In modern society the view of history, after repeated wash out this letter, personal writing style, has extraordinary significance beyond the individual, across time and space. First of all, a letter is the concentrated expression of family education inheritance. Lu Pengcheng believes that the China ancient family emphasizes the deep family, they look through the strict and proper education, make family excellence men, prosperous family, the number of generations is not bad. A family of several generations of accumulation under the education essence embodied in the letter, such as "Zheng Guofan" is set once three generation family in education. The young historian Tang Xiaobing pointed out that the letter is a private writing in the face of their loved ones, so the text is often frank and unreserved. "In particular, such as Fu Lei, to really sincere personality knowledge, in a letter from home to discuss art and life and his son Fu Cong very deeply. The Zheng Guofan letter is full of wisdom and experience of the traditional literati Chinese." Secondly, the road home and children’s spiritual growth is closely related to. Fu Lei and the relationship between the father and son of Fu Cong, was a tense situation. Young Fu Cong will beat by his father, has been practicing it)相关的主题文章: