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Zhengzhou limited land listed bidding rules promulgated officially released to the fuse fuse system! Zhengzhou limited land listed bidding rules promulgated! (with the full text of the document) following the purchase, after the credit limit, another wave of Zhengzhou property market regulation hit. Today, Zhengzhou soil shoot deal published previously mentioned "fuse" officially released, which stated that any bidder hanging system. In network (competitive) price for the first time to residential land starting price of 150%, net reporting system (GK) stop price. The last round of market madness, the most expensive land, land price rising frequency is also one of the performance in the stock market, previously launched the "fuse", is also regarded as the heat source from the land market to stabilize, one of the measures to stabilize housing prices. At present, Suzhou, Nanjing and other places have introduced the corresponding soil pat fuse mechanism, overwhelmed by the inclusion of Zhengzhou, the regulation of the overheated real estate market determined visible. Zhengzhou "fuse" official debut today, Zhengzhou government website "Zhengzhou state owned construction land use right (residential) online listing price bidding procedures", "fuse" official debut. Zhengzhou limited land listed bidding rules promulgated which refers to: the state-owned construction land (residential) (hereinafter referred to as the residential land use rights transfer process) principle two aspects. The first link for the use of land and resources in Zhengzhou online trading system for online auction, to achieve the price limit to second links; the second link for the site once or into a competitive online auction. And the provisions of any bidder suspension system (GK) network reported in the price of residential land for the first time to reach the starting price of 150%, net reporting system (GK) price suspension (hereinafter referred to as the hanging net, the point is the fuse fuse), the initial sale price 150% for fuse premium, premium price for fuse people who fuse. Zheng Dong New District, the overall price of the lowest open area for those who compete for the final price of land for the land premium. After the land transaction, the land sector will be competing price related provisions of the land transfer contract supplementary provisions. Housing management departments in the sale of land after the sale of the project must be strictly regulated prices, and focus on monitoring the sale of low-cost and then two high transfer behavior.   five areas of the city, high tech Zone; the bidder shall not be lower than the price and price field fuse shall not be higher than the initial sale price of 200%. In accordance with the effective price of the average price calculation, according to four homes into the accuracy of five points. The prices quoted are the most close to the average price of the bidder to the auction, the price for the final price of land. The absolute value of the difference between the same time, higher than the average price of the person identified as the winner of the race; quotation at the same time, drawing order priority. Background: the September edition of "room nine" the first mention of the fuse in mid September, in the "Office of the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government on promoting the sustained and stable and healthy development of the real estate market" (known as the Zhengzhou version of "room nine") mentioned in the Zheng Dong District, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone, land transfer, hanging net more than 50% of the premium rate quote, quote net hanging suspended, taking limited land, competing prices ", namely price determined in the bidders on the hanging net相关的主题文章: