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Zhu Siyi and director Lin Zihao cooperation movie Lin Beijing – touted by girls who directed the movie "God of gamblers, 3 young gamblers" "Shanghai winner", "king of kings", "2000 to", "Wesley blue", "Huang Feihong’s iron bucket of chicken" centipede and other good works director Lin Hao, in 1992 began working as an editor and director, Hongkong is now the most popular comedy action director, known as the "Hongkong genius" director. He is good at using the streamlined lens lens style story, sharp, full of romantic beauty of colors, romantic and delicate style at the same time, good at making narrative realism and fantasy into one. Years ago, Theresa Fu, directed by Jordan Chan after Du Haitao, Sun Xing portrait appeared Guoneishoubu 3D horror films: "marriage", Lin Hao director re creation of a thriller themed movie, since the start, but the film actress candidate has not announced, the audience can not help but wonder what speculation: who will be the "forest girl"? Recently, the party had never revealed the heroine candidate finally surfaced – is the new Zhu Siyi. Her serious work attitude and solid acting, the first cooperation to win the director Lin Zihao appreciation and affirmation. Lin Zihao said: she is a very personal color of the actors, the young actors who are very strong in the strength of the new talent, I hope she has a better career in the film industry.相关的主题文章: